The long-awaited – try 35 years long – sequel to Blade Runner is nearly upon us. The first official trailer of Blade Runner 2049 was released on Monday and seems to promise many of the same visual spectacles and intricate plot points that made the original so popular so many years ago.

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) hasn’t been seen for thirty years. His disappearance came after a life changing search for the four Replicants who were looking for a longer life on Earth, a place they were forbidden. Now, in 2049, Officer K (Ryan Gosling), who has the same Blade Runner job that Deckard once had, has discovered a terrible secret and is on the search for the former cop who may illuminate the darkness K has uncovered.

The trailer reveals slightly more about the plot, but not much. Jarred Leto plays a Replicant manufacture who, from the trailer, seems to enjoy his power over his creations. Robin Wright seems to play some sort of a police chief who is intent on keeping the distinction between humans and Replicants clear and obvious – with humans as the dominating species of course. And Dave Bautista plays a character with very tiny glasses.

The original Blade Runner was directed by Ridley Scott and many now see the film as his defining work. Although it didn’t break any records in the box office, it generated a loyal cult following and is now considered one of the best science-fiction movies ever made.

Scott served as an executive producer of 2049 while the directing duties went to Dennis Villeneuve (Arrival).

Blade Runner 2049 is set to be in theaters on October 6, 2017. Watch the trailer below.

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