It's no secret that President Barack Obama, 50, has always had celebrity on his side, with supporters like George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, Richard Branson, Sofia Vergara, Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker — just to name a few, and now Grammy winner Beyonce, 30, who had already aligned herself as a major Obama supporter, is voicing her admiration of First Lady Michelle Obama, 48, in a new Obama campaign video.

In the letter, which Beyonce wrote and posted on her official blog back in April, she calls Michelle Obama "the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman."

"I wrote a letter to the first lady because I wanted her to know that I am very grateful for everything she is doing for our country and also for women around the world," Beyonce says in the video, introducing the letter before reading it and marveling at how Michelle Obama "is a caring mother, she's a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the first lady. No matter the pressure and the stress of being under the microscope, she's humble, loving and sensitive," Beyonce wrote.

Beyonce, who recently had daughter Blue Ivy Carter with her husband, Jay-Z, ended on the note that she is "proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to."

Michelle Obama responded to the letter on Twitter back in April when Beyonce posted it. She tweeted, "@Beyonce Thank you for the beautiful letter and for being a role model who kids everywhere can look up to. — mo."

Watch Beyonce's ad praising Michelle Obama here:

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