The second official trailer for long-awaited comedy film Coming 2 America was released during Super Bowl LV. Coming 2 America is directed by Craig Brewer and stars Eddie Murphy as Akeem Joffer, the immensely wealthy prince of the fictional country of Zamunda. The film centers around Akeem searching for his long lost son (Jermaine Fowler) at the request of his dying father King Jaffe (James Earl Jones). Akeem returns to Queens, New York with his best friend Semmi (Arsenio Hall) in order to find his son and reconnect with a woman (Leslie Jones), whom he apparently shared a one night stand with. Akeem must take his son back to Zamunda before a psychotic warlord (Wesley Snipes) can invade the country in retaliation for Akeem rejecting his sister (Vanessa Bell Calloway) as his bride.

The trailer opens with Akeem (in his over-the-top New Yorker clothing) introducing himself to his son Lavelle. Akeem reveals that he believes that Lavelle is the heir to the throne of Zamunda, much to the latter’s confusion. Akeem is thrilled at the general prospect of having a son before announcing that he will “bring the location of Queens to Zamunda.” The trailer then cuts to Zamunda where Semmi meets Lavelle’s uncle Reem (Tracy Morgan) while Lavelle himself runs for his life from a hungry lion. Lavelle’s mother states that Akeem is supposed to be the prince of Wakanda (the fictional country where the Black Panther lives). Akeem states that Wakanda is a fictional place to which Lavelle’s mother cheekily claims that it is not fictional “to everyone.”

The trailer starts to pick up where more characters from the first film who were played by both Murphy and Hall are seen such as Randy Watson, Reverend Brown, Mr. Clarence, Morris and Saul. Morris asks Akeem just how much child support Lavelle’s mother is getting. An outraged Semmi states that the king of Zamunda does not have to pay child support. Shocked that Akeem never provided child support for 30 years and just now came back, Morris calls the prince a “dummy” as the whole barbershop erupts with laughter.

Coming 2 America will be released on March 5 on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. Unlike the first movie, it will be rated PG-13 instead of R.


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