The University of Warwick Rowing Club got naked for the fifth year in a row to pose for photos that would appear in a fundraising calendar that sees parts of its proceeds go to the Sports Allies, an anti-homophobia organization.

Founded in 1966, the University of Warwick Boat Club has grown to be a British rowing powerhouse over the years. However, they’ve become best known for The Warwick Rowing Calendar, which made its debut in 2009. Initially, the team only sold the calendars on campus, but now demand has them selling internationally.

After selling out last year, with distribution to over 40 countries, the fifth edition promises to be even more coveted. The tagline for the 2014 calendar reads: "bigger, better and even more daring than before!" The team has been building up enthusiasm on Facebook for the calendar. "It's our fifth calendar, and most people say it's our best yet. We'll let you be the judge! (But we're quietly confident you're going to love it.)"

Warwick Rowing teamed up with Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH) to found Sports Allies. In addition to raising money for the foundation, the athletes also use the Sport Allies platform to speak at schools and create encouraging web videos.

"The rowers are predominantly straight men who have welcomed and embraced the fantastic support they have had from the gay community for their fundraising efforts," Warwick explains. "Sport Allies is their way of honoring that support and giving something back."

The calendar is available to buy at The webiste is currently down due to unprecedent traffic, but the team promises it will be up an running again shortly.

– Chelsea Regan

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Warwick Rowers 2014 Calendar: Get a sneak peek at your year ahead with us! from Progressive Media on Vimeo.

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