Warner Bros. has announced 10 new DC Comics movies are currently in the works, including a stand-alone Wonder Woman film and a Green Lantern reboot planned for 2020.

Justice League Film Series

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck is, of course, well on its way and set for a 2016 release. The film will kick off a brand new wave of inter-connected DC films, which the studio clearly hopes will rival the massive success of Marvel’s cinematic universe (Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers).

Following Batman v. Superman will be a Suicide Squad film directed by David Ayer. The Suicide Squad is a group of imprisoned supervillains forced to work for the government. Previously, the Suicide Squad has been featured on The CW’s Arrow, and the announcement of the film, paired with the announcement of a brand new Flash film in 2018, seems to clearly indicate that there will be no connection between the DC world presented on the big screen and that already underway on the small screen.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters in 2017 and, assumedly, will be a continuation of Batman v. Superman, in which Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot makes her debut.

Justice League Part One has also been scheduled for a 2017 release, and will no doubt feature all the major players from Batman v. Superman, including Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, and Jason Mamoa, who was recently confirmed as Aquaman.

The Flash, Aquaman Set For 2018 Release

As previously mentioned, Warner Bros. revealed plans for The Flash film, to be released in 2018. The studio revealed that Perks of Being A Wallflower’s Ezra Miller will star as The Flash, a casting announcement that has some theorizing Miller will appear on the big screen as the fast superhero before 2018 (perhaps in Justice League Part One).

Aquaman will also be given his own film in 2018, with Jason Momoa already set to star, and a Shazam movie will come the following year, starring Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.

Justice League Part Two will be directed by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, and is set for release in 2019. Snyder is currently directing Batman v. Superman and is also slated to direct the first Justice League film.

Green Lantern Reboot

Finally, 2020 will see Ray Fisher starring in a Cyborg film and a brand new Green Lantern film. No casting for Green Lantern has been announced, but the nine-year gap between it’s upcoming release and the previous Green Lantern (2011) suggests that star Ryan Reynolds likely won’t be reprising the role of Hal Jordan.

Of course, this list doesn’t include the release of any planned individual Superman or Batman films Warner Bros may have in the works.

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