‘War Machine’ Jonathan Koppenhaver was extradited to Nevada to face charges resulting from the beating of his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack.

War Machine Arrested In California

Koppenhaver reportedly waived extradition and was booked into the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada on Saturday, Aug. 30, after being arrested in California.

In early August, MMA fighter War Machine allegedly beat Mack, leaving her near death in her Las Vegas home. War Machine then fled the state, in an effort to outrun the warrants for his arrest, before he was eventually arrested in California.

Christy Mack Names War Machine As Her Attacker

After her initial hospitalization, Mack released a detailed statement about her attack, naming Koppenhaver as her attacker.

“Without a single word spoken, he [Koppenhaver] began beating my friend; once he was finished, he sent my friend away and turned his attention to me. He made me undressed and shower in front of him, then dragged me out and beat my face,” Mack wrote.

Koppenhaver was booked on a handful of charges, including a probation violation and six felony charges charges for assault, lewdness, coercion and battery.

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