Walter “Snowball” Williams, a 78-year-old man from Mississippi, was pronounced dead on Wednesday night – but was pronounced alive by the following day.

Man Comes Back To Life

Williams was pronounced dead at his home in Lexington, Miss., by the local coroner. He was subsequently zipped up in a black body bag and wheeled out on a cart. Hours later, after he’d been transported to the funeral home, Williams' leg began to kick as he tried to get himself out of the bag.

"After they got through checking him, the coroner, they pronounced him dead and put him in a plastic bag, zipped him up and took him, put him in the hearse and they left," Eddie Hester, Williams' nephew, told WBTW.

Not long after Williams' family members began the process of mourning their patriarch, they learned that he wasn’t dead after all.

"The mortician said something wasn't right. His leg started moving,” Williams' daughter Martha A. Lewis (above) revealed. "Seemed like he had more life in him again. And then we had just stopped talking, and he told us 'what did you all stop talking for?' Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!"

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As of now, there’s been no medical explanation offered for how Williams had died and then revived without any kind of intervention. Not even the coroner could come up with logical reason for the events.

“I asked the coroner what happened,” Holmes County Sheriff Willie March told the Daily Mail. “And the only thing he could say is that it's a miracle.”

– Chelsea Regan

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