Walmart was forced to apologize to customers on Tuesday after it was discovered that their website had designated a “Fat Girl Costumes” page in their Halloween section. Features 'Fat Girl Costumes'

On Monday, the news that featured a “Fat Girl Costumes” section went viral after a reader informed Jezebel of the unsavory category. The section listed many plus size options for women, including a Snow White and a sexy devil.

It’s unclear how long the “Fat Girl Costumes” section was up on the super store’s official website, but a Twitter user complained about the section in a tweet sent on Oct. 21.

Walmart Apologizes For 'Fat Girl Costumes'

Needless to say, once Jezebel picked up the story, it was only a matter of time before Walmart caved to public pressure to take the page down. Within hours of the story hitting the web, Walmart began to deconstruct the section, taking costumes off the “Fat Girl Costumes” page.

Later that afternoon, the page disappeared entirely and Walmart began responding to critics on Twitter with a short apology. “This was unacceptable, & we apologize. We quickly removed it & are taking steps to ensure this never happens again,” reads the automated tweet.

On Tuesday, Walmart re-launched the page under a new name. It now appears as “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.”

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