According to fans at San Diego Comic Con, the midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 8 will “be fire!”


Comic Con introduced fans to the newest season, which comes in October, but one fan site took it upon itself to go straight to the source. The group captured footage from the Atlanta set of the show, and shared what they saw online. The series is set to bring on an explosive – literally – midseason finale. “The midseason finale already sounds like it’s going to be fire,” wrote group The Spoiling Dead. “BRING ON THE BOOMS!!!”

The video captured shows the fictional town of Alexandria going up in flames under the care of Rick Grimes. “This was the night of many BOOMS!” the site said. “Alexandria is getting beat up. There were multiple loud, fiery explosions. They took place by the solar panels, church, and Brownstones.”

What the video does not explain is how the attack on Alexandria will take place. Fans surmise, however, that the Sanctuary will be attacked by Militia, so the Saviors may turn on Alexandria for revenge.

The Spoiling Dead did discover what will happen between Negan and Carl in the midseason finale. “Carl is on the platform,” they write. “Negan shows up at the gates wit his Savior army. Negan starts yelling loudly. Carl gets down from the platform and as some point when he is by the gates there is gunfire.” The site continues with the synopsis, saying Negan and Carl have a confrontation later, while Michonne and Tobin are somewhere close behind. One line of dialogue was heard between Negan and Carl – Negan saying, “Your daddy isn’t here.”

Find out how season 8 goes down when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Oct. 22. Fear the Walking Dead returns Sept. 10.

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