Episode 6 of The Walking Dead sees Tara again, whom we hadn’t seen since before Neegan killed Abraham and Glenn.


First we learn that Tara and Heath had been ambushed by a group of walkers while on a supply run, and Heath vanished leaving Tara to fend for herself. She fell into a river and washed downstream, where she was picked up by two young girls, Rachel and Cyndie, who almost kill her, but Cyndie spares her life. Thinking Tara unconscious, Cyndie leaves her in the woods with a bottle of water, a spear, and a dried fish.

Tara, however, wakes and follows Cyndie back to a community of women living together, with no men in sight. Once spotted, many women try to kill her but Cyndie again saves Tara’s life. They tie her up, but then have her eat dinner with them, where Tara learns all about the group. The men of their group died in a skirmish long ago, and the women decided to band together and form this community on the beach, killing any outsiders who set foot there.

They invite Tara to stay with them and become part of their community, and then Tara breaks down and tells them about her own community and all they have done to survive, and that she has a girlfriend waiting for her there. Though she didn’t use names, the women seem to know exactly what group she is talking about.


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When Tara leaves the next day, she is ambushed by the women. Beatrice tells her the truth about their community, that it was the Saviors who attacked them, lined up all their men, and shot them in front of everyone. She also tells Tara that there are so many more Saviors than she thinks, and that many of her group have been killed as well. The women are afraid Tara will lead the Saviors right back to Oceanside where they reside. “We’re not gonna let you lead them back to us,” Beatrice says. Cyndie once again saves the day and doesn’t let Tara be killed.

Tara heads home and remembers some of what really happened that day when she thought Heath abandoned her. He was trying to save her, and they agreed they were in this together before she fell off the bridge into the water.

When Tara finally reaches home, wearing the friendship bracelet Cyndie snuck into her backpack, she is woefully greeted by Eugene, who confirms what Beatrice had said about the Saviors. Even worse, she learns that her girlfriend Denise has been dead for a while.

“We can make this right,” says Rosita. “We have to.”

“We can’t,” Tara replies. “I didn’t see anything like that out there.”

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