This week’s episode of The Walking Dead saw Neegan return to Rick’s group’s camp in Alexandria and taunt them with his own group of Saviors.


Neegan arrives earlier than expected, which bothers Rick, but he is too afraid to say anything. Rick would feel wholly responsible if another of his people died by Neegan’s hand. His people try to resist, but Rick tells them to cooperate. “If we give them what they want we can live in peace,” he says. “I’m not in charge anymore. Neegan is.”

Neegan makes a disgusting comment essentially about raping the pregnant Maggie, who lost her husband Glenn in the season opener. Rick stays silent, alluding that she died from the stress. He takes Neegan to an unmarked grave as proof.

Neegan and his goons ravage through Rick’s house and start taking whatever they want. The deal was that they would get half of everything Rick’s clan shares. The Saviors took mattresses and other furniture. When one Savior tried to take all of their medical supplies, Carl threatened him with a gun, but relents when Neegan says that he gets to decide just how much half really is.


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Rick spends a lot of time searching the grounds for guns, to which Neegan has placed a claim. Rick is terrified of Neegan’s power, and has clearly given up the fight. He forces Michonne, Spencer, and Rosita to give up their guns. “If you keep it and they find it, someone dies,” he tells Michonne. “And I’m not losing anyone else.” He finds two hidden by Spencer’s house and gives them up when Neegan threatens Olivia’s life if he doesn’t hand them over.

Daryl makes an appearance in this episode but he stays silent in protest. He will not give up his will to Neegan, a fact that clearly is getting on Neegan’s nerves.

When finally the Saviors and Neegan finish up their pillage and leave, Rick’s camp is left desolate. They are mad at Rick for cooperating with the Saviors instead of fighting like he used to. He admits to Michonne that he knows Judith isn’t his child, but is actually Shane’s, but says his acceptance of that fact is what allows him to keep her alive. His primary focus is on keeping everyone alive. Michonne reminds him that it’s not his fault if people die. “Sometimes. But sometimes it is,” Rick responds.

The episode ends with Michonne wanders out of their compound and see their mattresses burning up the road. Neegan just wanted to break their spirits that much more.

Next week’s episode, “Go Getters,” will air on Nov. 20. See the preview below.

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