Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead followed multiple storylines, and set up the impending fight we’ve been waiting for for next week’s finale.


It started with Tara leading Rick and his crew to Oceanside, while Maggie gardens at the Hilltop. Daryl and Jesus wire the former with dynamite, and Michonne sets up her post as sniper in a nearby tree.

At the Sanctuary, Sasha is held up in a cell with David as her jailer. Unfortunately for her, David is only interested in gaining sexual favors from her. He offers water, only if she cooperates. But Sasha, being the strong character she is, decides to head-butt him instead.

Just as David is about to assault Sasha, Negan walks in and breaks it up. Even for terrible dictator’s like Negan, rape is crossing a line. After David apologizes, Negan stabs him in the throat, saying, “I don’t accept your apology.”

Negan gives Sasha a knife and a choice. Either kill herself, wait for David to wake as a walker and eat her, or stab him in the head and join Negan. He leaves, and Eugene shows up, offering a pillow and blanket. He suggests she join the Saviors in return for her safety.

Back at Hilltop, Gregory seems to consider killing Maggie, but decided not to when they spot a walker. He chokes up, and Maggie saves him yet again. And at Oceanside, Tara pulls a gun on the community leader Natania to convince her to join Rick in the fight against the Saviors. Natania and her crew refuse.

At that moment, the dynamite Daryl and Jesus set up goes off. Rick and fam flood into Oceanside and tell them they must either fight, or at least give up their guns. Natania uses Tara as her only pawn and threatens to kill her. But then Michonne yells that walkers are coming, so they deal with that.

The show flips between the different locations. Sasha stabs walker David and Negan again tempts her to join him. Eugene also tries to get Sasha to stay, but she declines and asks for a weapon instead. “Don’t let them use me to hurt our people,” she pleads. He brings her a poison pill, but she clearly wanted a weapon to use on others, not herself. At Hilltop, Gregory is embarrassed he couldn’t take on the walkers, and asks a driver to take him somewhere – seems he might be taking Simon up on his offer to visit the Saviors.

Rick and the gang return to Alexandria, where Rosita tells him they have a visitor – Dwight. Daryl freaks out and must be restrained, as Dwight had been his jailer at Negan’s camp. Dwight tells Rick he wants to help him, but Rick tells him to “get on your knees,” and points a gun at him.

The season finale of The Walking Dead is next Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.

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