This week’s episode of The Walking Dead saw two new deaths, and a lot of motivation to take down Negan and the Saviors as a result.


This episode focused on the Kingdom and Richard’s roundabout plan to convince Ezekiel that the time had come to fight the Saviors. Richard, Morgan, Zeke, and Benjamin went on a run to deliver produce to the Saviors, but Richard plucked on cantaloupe from the bunch without his comrades knowing.

It seems Richard’s plan was to make the Saviors angry enough to kill him, which would in turn motivate Ezekiel that it was time to strike. But of course, the plan did not go exactly as he had envisioned. When the group reached their drop point and Jared the Savior discovered the piece of fruit was missing, he shot Benjamin, who bled out there and then.

Morgan was particularly upset by this, as Benjamin reminded him of his son who died much earlier in the series. In his rage, he comes across the cantaloupe hidden by Richard at the start. Richard explains what his thinking was to Morgan, saying, “we can use what’s happened” to their advantage. But Morgan will have none of it, and it seems he has snapped back into the old, blood thirsty Morgan.

Ironically, in the beginning of the episode, Richard tries to bury the hatchet with Morgan, because they never got along. “Sorry for how things have been between you and me. I know you’re a good man,” he says. But “a day’s coming when you can’t be that good. When that happens, don’t beat yourself up about it.” It seems like that day might just be upon us.

Richard explains that he feels responsible for his daughter’s death at a government camp a while back and didn’t want to delay action any longer. He wanted to motivate Ezekiel and didn’t care if he died in the process, and that his intention was not to let Ben die. He says he will tell Zeke in the morning.

The next day, Richard, Morgan, and Zeke return to the drop point with the one remaining cantaloupe, but Morgan can’t go through with it. As Richard hands over the fruit and apologizes to the Saviors, Morgan attacks him and tells everyone what Richard had done. He kills him by stomping his skull into the ground and buries him in the grave Richard had originally dug for himself, on top of his daughter’s backpack.

There is a montage of Morgan killing a bunch of walkers, seemingly back in his beast-mode of the yore, and goes to Carol to inform her what happened, and includes that Abraham and Glenn have been dead for a while.

We see Carol go to Ezekiel and declare that it is finally time to fight. Ezekiel agrees, but tells her, the day is “not today.”

See the trailer for episode 14 below.

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