The much anticipated season premiere of The Walking Dead aired last night, and Negan’s victim was finally revealed.


Or should I say victims. At the end of season six, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his gang had surrounded the main characters. Negan stood over them with Lucille, his baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, and promised to kill one of their group. The season seven opener saw Negan kill Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) first. He continued to taunt the rest of the group, which spurred Daryl (Norman Reedus) to jump up and punch Negan.


Negan was not happy with that reaction, and took it upon himself to attack another victim: Glenn (Steven Yeun). The blow caused one of his eyes to gruesomely pop out, and he couldn’t quite get his words straight. His pregnant wife Maggie (Lauren Cohan) looked on in shock at his murder, but he managed to get out a few last words to her: “I’ll find you.”

“The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” the title of the episode, hit home for a lot of viewers. It recalls a scene from the first season, after Rick (Andrew Lincoln) survives the CDC building blast, when doctor Edwin Jenner warned Rick that there would come a day when he would not be grateful to be alive anymore. Jenner himself opted for suicide soon after. At this point, Rick may have finally hit the point that Jenner promised he would.

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