The Walking Dead picked up with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his fellow travelers during the zombie apocalypse arriving at the Alexandra Safe-Zone.

The Walking Dead Recap

One of the first people they meet upon entering the gates is former Ohio Congressperson Deanna Monroe, who reveals that they’re the first people they’ve welcomed inside in a considerable amount of time. Deanna, along with the rest, is hoping that they’ll be productive members of the community who will help them survive – and not a group waiting for a chance to exploit the inhabitants.

Keeping his skepticism in check, Rick settles in to one of the two homes that have been set aside for them, showering, shaving off his beard and permitting a neighbor to give him a haircut. Michonne (Danai Gurira), likely the most optimistic of the bunch, is on the same page as the wary Rick, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) about playing it safe at the start of their stay. One of their precautions is sleeping together in a living room in one of the homes for their first night in Alexandria. When Deanna drops by to let Rick and Michonne know she has jobs waiting for them, she’s in awe of their sleeping arrangement.

The following morning, Rick is alarmed when he can’t locate his children, but soon learns that they were with community seniors Bob and Natalie. When he reconnects with them, Jessie introduces Carl (Chandler Riggs) to her son Ron, who in turn introduces Carl to his friends Mikey and Enid. After playing video games with the kids, Carl finds his dad to tell him that while he likes the people in Alexandria, he’s concerned about how weak they seem and how he doesn’t want to lose the strengths he’s gained on the road.

At night, Rick once again struggles to quiet his mind and go to sleep. He finds a fellow insomniac in Michonne. Rick asks her why she too is having trouble being at ease when she’s one of the most assured that they’re going to be safe there. In an effort to settle his thoughts, Rick goes out for a walk in the neighborhood and runs into Jessie’s husband, who seems to immediately put Rick on edge

The next day, Carl follows Enid out into the woods only to lose her and end up surrounded by walkers. When Rick goes to find a gun he’d hidden away, he realizes it’s missing. Together, Rick and Carl take out six walkers unarmed. Meanwhile, Glenn (Steven Yeun), Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Noah (Tyler James Williams) went on a scouting mission with Deanna’s son Aidan and Nicholas. When an overzealous Aidan nearly gets Tara killed by a walker, Glenn confronts him, insinuating that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Before calm could be restores, fists were flying and Daryl had to step in to break up the two young men.

Deanna, fresh after witnessing Aidan questioning why the new people were allowed to join the community, announces that the new group is to be welcomed with open arms – and that Rick and Michonne will serve as constables. At night, Rick, outfitted in his sheriff’s uniform, tells everyone that it’s safe to stay in their own homes.

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