The Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On” opened with a still shot of the soil that’s interrupted by a shovel digging a grave. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) says a prayer as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest say their goodbyes.

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap

Fulfilling Beth’s (Emily Kinney) dying wish to get Noah (Tyler James Williams) to Richmond, Va., Rick rallies the troops to get on the road. They’re hopeful that the safe community Noah left is still in tact. If not, they’ll keep on moving. With Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) at the wheel, Noah informs them that they’re close to Richmond and that even though the trade didn’t work out, that it was the right play. Making conversation, Noah goes on to tell Tyreese that he hoped to reunite with his mom and twin brothers. Tyreese then starts to open up to the young man about his father making him listen to the hard news on the radio to know the uglier parts of life.

A few miles out from their destination, the group pulls off the road to walk the rest of the way. Once they get there, Glenn (Steven Yeun) peers over the fence and realizes the safe community is no longer. Noah subsequently breaks down, fearing that his family is gone for good. Michonne (Danai Gurira) takes out a few stray zombies, Rick and Glenn go on a quick sweep for supplies and Tyreese tries to comfort Noah, telling his own story of loss. Meanwhile, Rick and Glenn reveal their lost humanity, which causes Michonne to implore them to consider settling for a bit because being out in the wild is affecting them.

Mid conversation with Tyreese, Noah runs off to his home and Tyreese agrees to help him check it out. On the floor of the living room is Noah’s mom, a zombie corpse. In another room, Tyreese finds one of Noah’s twin brothers, who’s also dead. Staring at a family photo, Tyreese doesn’t realize that the other brother, a walker, has entered the room. Before he can try to defend himself, he takes a bite to his left arm. Noah comes in and stabs his zombie brother in the eye and then runs off to try to find help for Tyreese. While Tyreese sits and waits for help, he imagines Martin from Terminus, Bob, The Governor, the young girls Lizzie and Mika. In the midst of his vision, another walker attacks him.

Back with Glenn and Rick, Michonne is determined to convince them that they could settle in this erstwhile community. When she goes to prove her point near a hole in the fence, she sees dozens of dismembered bodies. With this option out, Michonne encourages them to think about heading towards Washington, D.C. While the cure isn’t there as Eugene had claimed, there might be something better there, a better chance at a life. Rick, shocking Michonne, actually agrees with her. The moment is broken, however, when they hear Noah’s cries.

After the group saves Noah, they follow him to his house, where Tyreese is still having hallucinations from the ghosts of his past. After he passes out following an imagined confrontation with The Governor, he opens his eyes to Michonne slicing off his arm at the elbow. After the amputation, the group tries to fend off oncoming walkers and  bring Tyreese to safety. Despite their efforts to keep him alive, Tyreese doesn’t make it. Coming full circle, the episode returns to the funeral scene, showing that Tyreese is the fallen one they are burying.

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