The Walking Dead “Forget” opens with Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) looking up at family pictures lining the wall and hall table of her new home. In the morning, she goes to check out her gun and heads out to the woods where she lines up the family portraits and picks them off one-by-one. “Come and get me,” she says after the last family photo falls, hoping for the walkers to show their faces.

‘The Walking Dead’Recap

Elsewhere in the woods, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) meet up outside an abandoned house and take out a walker. Rick wants the rest of the group to acclimate to the more normal environment of Alexandria, but has enlisted Daryl and Carol to try to pilfer from the armory as a precaution for what may or may not come. While pacing the forest afterwards, Daryl hears footsteps and finds out it’s Aaron (Ross Marquand), who asks to join him. They eventually come across a horse. When Daryl tries to catch it, a group of walkers emerge that they take out together. Aaron encourages Daryl to let the people get to know him as they continue to stalk the horse. Unfortunately, before they can get to it, the walkers do.

Michonne (Danai Gurira), outfitted in her new constable attire, talks to Rick about what it could mean that Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) would give them, the new people in town, the power. “You protect and serve,” Deanna tells them when they go talk to her about their new responsibility. She says she wants a government there someday as well, which is why she’s taken Maggie (Lauren Cohen) under her wing. They all at least seem to buy into it. One of Rick’s concerns are people – not zombies – which means they need someone up on the watchtower. Sasha is eager to be that person, but a skeptical Deanna wants to chat with her first, wary of her eagerness.

Deanna has organized a party for the evening at which she expects Sasha’s attendance. Carol, trying to fit in with the women in the neighborhood, chats recipes for the party and then meets up with Rick to talk about their plan. Step one is for Carol to unlatch the window in the armory. Step two is sending someone to break in through the window during the party.

At the party, Rick and the group try to mingle with the people of Alexandria. Noah (Tyler James Williams) wants to bail out on the party early, but Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie convince him to stay. While Carol makes a hasty exit to see if she can slip into the armory, Rick chats up Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) after her doctor husband, who apparently has a temper, goes to fetch them a drink. Carl (Chandler Riggs), meanwhile, is hanging out with some of the other boys in town, a welcome sight for Rick. Sasha actually makes it to the party and meets Deanna’s son Spencer. He tries to charm her, but she quickly excuses herself. She grows increasingly unhinged at the party until finally screaming at a woman who offers to cook for her.

Daryl, back from his hunt, contemplates going into the party, but decides against it. Aaron spots him walking down the streets and invites him in for spaghetti with him and Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson). Over dinner, Eric hints about a project Aaron had in mind for him. Aaron then takes Daryl out to the garage and shows him a motorcycle, telling him he wants him to be a recruiter alongside him instead of Eric. The main reason he wants him to team up with him is because he believes he knows the difference between a good person and a bad person. Daryl, without hesitation, takes him up on the offer.

Carol bags up some guns at the armory, where she’s caught by one of Jessie’s kids. He thought she was going to make more cookies. She promises she will – if he promises not to tell his mother that he saw her with the guns. If he does tell his mom, he’ll wake up outside the wall tied to a tree and the monsters will come for him, tear him apart and eat him while he’s still alive. “No one will ever know what happened to you,” she whispers in the kid’s face.

The day after the party, Deanna tries to talk to Sasha about what’s going on with her. Sasha tells Deanna that she doesn’t think the community is real. Deanna says, “That’s bulls–t,” and then sends her outside the walls. Elsewhere, Daryl tells Rick and Carol that he doesn’t want the extra guns and that he’s really going to try, as they wanted him to. Michonne, getting comfortable not weilding her sword 24/7, mounts it over a fireplace.

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