The Walking Dead cold open reintroduced Morgan Jones (Lennie James) to the show, cheerily waking up in the backseat of a car before coming face-to-face with an armed man with the letter “W” carved into his head while he heats up water for his cup of noodles. The man explains that he’s a bounty hunter and that he’s taking all of Morgan’s stuff and him. Just as it looks like Morgan is doomed, he whips out his stick and takes out the two men who were hoping to get a price for his head.

The Walking Dead Recap

In Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wakes up with his face bandaged and bruised after his fight against Pete (Corey Brill). Unbeknownst to him, Michonne (Danai Gurira) is sitting in the corner of the room. She wants to know what he’s doing and reveals that she’s put Pete in another house. Glenn (Steven Yeun), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) arrive to tell him that Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) is holding a meeting, which could spell exile for Rick. Carol suggests he tell them whatever they want to hear. Rick says that if it doesn’t go well, that they’re going to stage a coup.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who has her eye on Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), tries to reason with Deanna about Rick. She believes that Deanna should talk to him and the others instead of allowing the people of Alexandria, suffering from their fears, to determine his fate. When Maggie tries to run off, Rich stops her to reassure her that he’ll do what he can to get everything to work out. Meanwhile, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), out by herself again, is dragging dead zombie bodies to a pit and gets in with them.

Carol later revisits Rick and hands him a gun. She explains that she didn’t tell the others about the other guns they’ve taken from the armory just in case. Rick appreciates it, but he doesn’t want to keep lying. When he finally returns home, he’s greeted by Carl (Chandler Riggs), who wants to know if this is home or not and shares his belief that Alexandria needs them. Rick says that in order to make this home, he might have to threaten or kill. Carl urges him to use words over violence. Carol, meanwhile, heads over to see Pete and threatens him at knife point, saying if he plays his cards right he might not have to die.


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Rick goes over to see Jessie (Alexandra Breckinridge) and tells her he’s not sorry about anything he’s done no matter what happens. Before he leaves, she tells him that he was right. Pete, from the window of the house he’s been placed in, witnesses the exchange. After Rick talks to Jessie, he admits to Michonne that Daryl, Carol and him had taken more than the one gun from the armory.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are back outside the walls and discussing exiles when they spot a wanderer in a red jacket out in a field. They lose track of the potential recruit, but stumble upon a food warehouse and decide to go in for some supplies. They open one of the trailers and instead of finding canned goods, they find dozens of zombies. They eventually make it to the car and hope that it will hold. Aaron admits that Daryl was right to suggest they follow the guy in the coat instead of going after the supplies. Aware that the car isn’t going to hold for much longer, Daryl says he’ll sacrifice himself so Aaron can have a chance, but Aaron insists they make a break together and head for the fence. Fortunately for them, they get some help from Morgan. After they leave, the people who’d set the zombie trap return to reset it.

Back at Alexandria, Father Gabriel heads outside the walls on a suicide mission, ready to sacrifice himself to a walker. However, instead of letting himself be taken, he kills the zombie and puts the man the zombie had been gnawing at out of his misery then falls on the ground in tears. When Gabriel returns to the community, Spencer asks if he could give him some guidance about the loss of his brother. When he gets back to the church, he finds Sasha there, fresh from her nap with the zombies, asking him for help. “Your brother deserves to be here,” he tells her. “You don’t.”

Nicholas, who’d headed out around the same time as Gabriel, stalks Glenn and shoots him in the shoulder. When Glenn finds him, he takes a few swings at him before the two end up wrestling on the ground. As a group of walkers approaches, Glenn is helplessly on his back. Somehow, Glenn manages to escape the zombies’ grasp and finds Nicholas again and holds him at gunpoint, but decides not to kill him. In the end, he tries to help him return to the community, where Deanna has already started the town meeting.

Deanna wants the members of the Alexandria community to discuss Rick Grimes – who’s not present at the meeting. On his way there, he saw that the gate was unlocked. While people are trying to vouch for him, Rick is fighting for his life against the zombies. In the meeting, Deanna brings up what Father Gabriel told her about Rick and how it seemed to be true, but he’s not at the meeting either. Maggie eventually finds Father Gabriel with Sasha holding a gun at him and he says that Maggie should have let Sasha kill him. After all, he basically killed his entire congregation. Together, the three of them pray instead of heading to the meeting.

When Rick finally gets to the meeting, he tells them all that there wasn’t a guard on the gate and that it was open. Spencer reveals that he had told Father Gabriel to close the gate and Deanna sends him out to investigate, while Rick takes the opportunity to deliver a speech to wake the people of Alexandria up to the realities of the world run by zombies. Pete stumbles drunkenly into the meeting trying to get at Rick. Rich tries to calm him down and ends up taking a fatal blow. Deanna, looking up at Rick, implores him to shoot Pete. As soon as he fires, he looks up to see Morgan flanked by Daryl and Aaron

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