Waka Flocka Flame surprised fans watching the American Music Awards Sunday night with his appearance in a commercial for Pine Bros cough drops.

Waka Flocka Flame Pine Bros. Commercial

Waka Flocka, the Atlanta rapper who has been somewhat absent from the music scene this past year, may not have been featured on the AMAs, but his odd commercial certainly grabbed the audience’s attention. The add features Waka Flocka sitting on a couch, declaring that he “can’t live without” Pine Bros. cough drops.

Of course, no Waka Flocka commercial would be complete without a barely veiled pot joke – a vaporizer blows team on the left of the frame throughout the commercial. “So the next time you need sore throat relief – for whatever reason – take your Pine Brothers,” the rapper says with a knowing smile.

Twitter Reacts To Waka Flocka Commercial

The 30-second spot for Pine Bros. cough drops aired mid-awards show, and immediately took over Twitter, with reactions varying from shocked to completely enthralled.

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