The second live results round of The Voice ended wth two singers being sent home.


The show started out with a guest performance by Portugal. The Man before they dove into a montage of the coaches and their contestants. Blake Shelton and Adam Levine share personal stories of their time before getting their big break and the audience eats it up. Right after, we learn that Brooke Simpson (Team Miley Cyrus) and Addison Agen (Team Adam) have made it through to the next round.

After a bit more fluff about how the singers feel about their coaches (spoiler: they love them), we learn that Keisha Renee (Team Blake) and Noah Mac (Team Jennifer Hudson) have also advanced. The remaining contestants are still answering questions, and Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake) stumbles through one about her future, in which she basically says that everything she does is special. Regardless of that answer, she is the next through to the Top 8, followed by Adam Cunningham (Team Adam). The seventh vote went to Team Blake’s Red Marlowe, making him safe for the next round.

This leaves the bottom three as Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer), Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer), and Ashland Craft (Team Miley). Hudson does not look pleased with two of her people in the bottom, especially after not having anyone on her team eliminated from the competition yet.

Craft starts off the save-me performances with a rendition of Keith Urban‘s “Tonight I Wanna Cry.” There is nothing special about this performance, and she barely ekes out any emotion, despite the song being a heart-wrencher. Even coach Cyrus has to speak about past performances instead of this one to convince the others to save her.

Jones is up next, and sings Etta James’ “At Last.” The song proves way too big for her, as Jones lets her runs get away from her. Last up is Fleming, who sings Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way.” Despite being another big song, Fleming can actually keep up with it and proves he’s the most mature and polished singer in the bottom three. Fleming is the one who stays, while Craft and Jones are sent home.

The team standings as of now:

Team Adam: Addison Agen, Adam Cunningham
Team Miley: Brooke Simpson
Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming, Noah Mac
Team Blake: Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski