It was Adam Levine‘s turn to make his top 3 decisions for his team on The Voice last night.


In this leg of the playoffs, Adam CunninghamWhitney FenimoreEmily LutherAnthony AlexanderJon Mero, and Addison Agen. Cunningham delivers an honest performance of Joe Cocker’s “Have a Little Faith in Me.” The song starts off slow and almost romantic, but ends with Cunningham’s signature gritty tones. He becomes one of Levine’s choices for a Top 3 spot.

Fenimore performed well in the knockout rounds, but it seems keeping her around was a misstep. Her rendition of Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” is sloppy and doesn’t show any of the qualities that Levine was going for with the song choice. She lags behind the tempo and misses the power note every time she sings the chorus. Luther has a nice performance of “Lovesong” but her presence is awkward and stiff. While her voice is impressive, she loses control at certain points. Alexander has some fresh tones when he sings Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” but it’s not much of a confidence booster when your coach starts preparing you for what to do when you leave the show. Unsurprisingly, Adam lets Fenimore, Luther, and Alexander go.

Mero, on the other hand, gives a great performance of Adele’s “When We Were Young.” The singer is a fantastic performer as well, and has a strong sense of showmanship. This is Mero’s most impressive moment of the season so far, and it comes at the perfect time. Levine keeps Mero on board for his Top 3.

And lastly, Agen crushes her rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “Angel from Montgomery. The tune is right in her wheelhouse and it gives her a more natural performance. Miley Cyrus is obviously upset that she let her go, and Levine has done well with the steals, also taking Cunningham from Blake Shelton. Levine says “it’d be a disservice to planet Earth” if he didn’t choose Agen to keep going.

So at the end of the day, Team Adam has been reduced to Adam Cunningham, Jon Mero, and Addison Agen. See the rest of the team standings below.

Team Miley: Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, Ashland Craft, Moriah Formica, Adam Pearce
Team Jennifer: Davon Fleming, Shi’Ann Jones, Noah Mac
Team Blake: Keisha Renee, Red Marlow, Chloe Kohanski