Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera saw their Teams take the stage live for the first time on The Voice.


Tonya Boyd Cannon “Take Me to the Pilot”

Coach Adam gave Tonya Elton John’s “Take Me to the Pilot,” a song she wasn’t entirely comfortable with at first. Adam and Tonya agreed that they needed to embrace the gospel vibes in the song, which paid off for her in the end. All the coaches were eager to tell Tonya she “took us to Church.” Blake Shelton complimented Tonya’s seemingly endless confidence on stage, and Christina loved seeing her have so much fun in her performance.

Joshua Davis “Budapest”

Adam was hoping to show viewers that Joshua could handle a more contemporary track with George Ezra’s “Budapest.” The song plays right into Josh’s folksy tone, and the coaches rushed to compliment his unique voice. “Your voice is so soothing, you’re very comforting. I really enjoyed it,” Christina told Josh. And Pharrell Williams said that the performance made him want to know what kind of music Josh will make in the future.

Brian Johnson “At this Moment”

Adam wanted to showcase Brian’s emotional flair with “At This Moment” and his performance was dead on vocally – Blake even called him a “perfect vocally.” Christina, who didn’t seem to love it as much as Pharrell and Adam, called the performance “sweet.” In the end, the ballad might have been well suited for Brian’s vocals, but he could have used a more memorable performance.

Nathan Hermida “Chains”

For Nathan, Adam picked Nick Jonas’ newest hit, “Chains,” which fit in perfectly with the kind of Pop/R&B style Nathan wants to perform going forward. Adam really wanted Nathan to find his inner pop star, and, while Nathan’s performance began a bit stationary, he gained confidence as the song went on, and worked the crowd like a pro.

Deanna Johnson “Down to the River to Pray”

Deanna has been struggling with her lack of confidence ever since her Blind Audition, and Adam desperately wants her to get over that struggle and understand just how good she really is, so she gave her a gospel song hoping it would make her feel more at ease. Deanna enjoys singing at Church, where she feels the least judged, so the song helped her get over her nerves. Deanna’s performance got a huge reaction from the crowd, and the coaches all complimented her on rising to the challenge of the Live Shows. “This is the Deanna that we all turned around for,” Pharrell said.


Sonic “I’m Going Down”

Sonic decided to go with “I’m Going Down,” a song she says she’s been singing ever since she was little. In rehearsals, Christina cautioned Sonic against rushing the melody during the verses. Sonic suffered a few vocal set backs during the performance, mostly that she was a little off key throughout, though she still managed to deliver an impressive belting performance. Pharrell commended her fighting spirit up on stage, noting how she could tell when she was off and saw her strength to push through. “It’s almost not even worth talking about those little things, because her attack coming back from those things is just so powerful,” Blake said.

Kimberly Nichole “What’s Up”

Christina gave Kimberly “What’s Up” by Four Non Blondes – the first time the song has ever been approved for the show. In rehearsals, Christina helped Kimberly remember not to just perform the song, but connect to it and tell the story. Kimberly took the stage in one of her signature tutus and, by all accounts, killed it. Kimberly’s emotional performance earned a standing ovation from all four coaches, and ended with her great grandmother, mother and herself in tears. “Because of you, Team Christina just lapped Team Adam,” Blake gushed.

Lexi Dávila “All By Myself”

Christina gave Lexi the ballad “All By Myself,” hoping that Lexi would overcome her nerves and let loose on her vocals. Lexi stumbled a little bit pitch-wise, but her emotional performance really connected to the audience, and she really let loose at the end, showing off a strong belt and impressive high notes.

India Carney “Hurt”

Christina handed over her insanely difficult and emotional ballad, “Hurt,” to challenge India to embrace all the dynamics of the song. India delivered yet another flawless performance, but she didn’t just nail it vocally. India’s vocal dramatics suited the song, but she also showed an impressive amount of restraint, making the big notes that much bigger and emotional. All four coaches gave India a standing ovation, and it almost looked like Xtina herself was in tears. “It was emotional, it was dramatic, it was powerful,” Blake said. Pharrell told India that she just shut down the show as far as he’s concerned.

Rob Taylor “Earned It”

Christina pushed Rob to show off a bit more of a dramatic and sexy side with “Earned It.” In rehearsals, she wanted him to try to do something different with both his falsetto and his lower register, and Rob delivered a dynamic performance as a result. The sexy Fifty Shades of Grey track also allowed Rob to show that he can do more than sing ballads and big notes, he can also seduce every member of his audience. “To me, that is the definition of ‘different.’ Effortless. That’s how it’s supposed to be: that’s how it’s supposed to sound, that’s how it’s supposed to feel… You just set the world on fire,” Pharrell gushed.

The Voice Top 12 will be revealed on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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