The coaches finalized their teams for the Live Shows, and Christina Aguilera used the final steal to save Lexi Davila in the last installment of the Knockouts Monday night on The Voice.


Brooke Adee vs. Kelsie May

Blake Shelton paired young country starlet Kelsie May with indie pop hopeful Brooke Adee. Kelsie decided to go for a more modern country sound, singing Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw.” Kelsie was hoping to impress Blake with her risky choice, but the change ended up working against Kelsie. In rehearsals, she was singing sharp, surprising Blake who noted that he had never heard her sing out of pitch before.

Brooke tackled MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” an up tempo track, providing a sharp contrast to Kelsie’s slow ballad. In rehearsals, advisor Nate Ruess was impressed, but also saw room for improvement.

Kelsie’s pitch issues were evident in her performance, but the coaches also saw her potential. Brooke, meanwhile, came out of nowhere and truly surprised the coaches with her spot-on performance and energetic stage presence.

Winner: Brooke


Lowell Oakley vs. Jacob Rummell

Pharrell Williams paired crooner Lowell Oakley with Team Blake transplant Jacob Rummell. In rehearsals, Pharrell was excited when Lowell told him he wanted to perform “My Girl” for his “girl back home,” and while he is enamored with Lowell’s crooning style, he and Nate wanted to hear Lowell let it loose a little bit and belt it out. Lowell’s voice cracked in rehearsals, throwing him off, but Pharrell encouraged him to sing through it and not be discouraged.

Jacob brought his smiling personality to “Life of the Party,” and while his smooth tone came through in rehearsals, Nate worried that Jacob was having trouble really communicating the emotion in his performance. “You cannot camouflage into the stage,” Pharrell told him.

Adam, Blake and Christina seemed a bit on the fence about Lowell’s performance. Adam worried that Lowell’s crooner stage persona overshadowed his vocals, an assessment Christina agreed with. Christina was thrown off by Lowell’s awkward performance, and gave the battle to Jacob. Despite Lowell’s unbalanced performance, Lowell has been a heavy favorite of Team Pharrell since the beginning and Pharrell declared him the winner.

Winner: Lowell


India Carney vs. Joe Tolo

Christina Aguilera paired pitch-perfect singers India Carney and Joe Tolo to create a battle of the vocally controlled. India chose to play to her strengths, singing another powerhouse ballad, “Big White Room.” In rehearsals, India’s vocals were strong, but Christina worried she was holding back some emotion because of she was nervous to belt out high notes.

Joe Tolo, a church singer, chose to sing “One of Us” hoping to spread a little faith and use his church background to his advantage. Christina and Nate were both impressed with Joe’s take on the song, and willingness to take some liberties with the chorus.

The coaches agreed that Joe’s performance was a breakthrough for him, but India’s emotional performance on top of her perfect vocal ability was just a little bit more compelling.

Winner: India

Rob Taylor vs. Treeva Gibson

Christina paired young singers Rob Taylor and Treeva Gibson for her final showdown. Rob chose Al Green’s “Love and Happiness,” hoping once again to show off his energy and impressive range. Christina wanted Rob to take his falsetto up a notch, and improve his belting instead of relying on his already wide range to show off his talent.

Treeva gave herself a big challenge, choosing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements.” Both Christina and Nate were impressed by her rehearsals and her decision to use her belting voice. But, they also worried about her lack of stage presence, and Christina wanted her to be a little freer on stage.

Rob’s falsetto and range didn’t disappoint, but Treeva’s potential was evident in her take on Adele, and the coaches admitted that there’s just something intriguing about Treeva. It was a tough decision, but Christina went with Rob, telling him that she wants to really change it up for the Live Shows.

Winner: Rob


Tonya Boyd Cannon vs. Barry Minniefield

Adam Levine paired big voices Tonya Boyd Cannon and Barry Minniefield for his first Knockout of the night. In rehearsals for Tonya’s performance of “I Wish,” Adam cautioned her against trying to imitate Stevie Wonder and Nate Ruess encouraged her to let loose on stage.

For his knockout, Barry chose “What You Won’t Do For Love,” hoping to show off his range. Once they heard Barry’s higher register, Adam and Nate decided to try the song a half step up in range, and, while Barry was a bit nervous to try it, they all agreed that he needed to perform in that higher key.

Both Tonya and Barry gave entertaining and energetic performances, but in the end Adam declared Tonya the winner.

Winner: Tonya

Joshua Davis vs. Lexi Davila

Adam paired singer/songwriter Joshua Davis with shy pop singer Lexi Davila. Joshua came into rehearsals with his guitar and the song “Arms of a Woman,” something he wanted to sing for his wife. Adam and Nate told Joshua to be careful not to let the song become too monotonous, and make sure to add some dynamics to his performance.

Lexi, who has struggled with her nerves since the Blind Auditions, chose to sing Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen.” Lexi hoped to build up her voice and show off her higher range, and Nate told her that she needed to bring really let her power run free.

Joshua nailed his heartfelt performance and Blake called it his best yet, but Lexi surprised the coaches with her perfect performance. She hit a note towards the end that had Pharrell up on his feet, looking at Adam and asking, “Wow! What are you going to do?” Both Pharrell and Christina declared Lexi the winner, but Blake and Adam gave it to Joshua.

Luckily, as soon as Lexi was up for a STEAL, Christina swooped in and snatched her up. “Thank you for being so dumb, because she’s mine!” Christina said to Adam.

Winner: Joshua
Lexi Davila: Team Christina

And, just like that, the Knockout rounds are over! Here’s how the teams stand going into the Live Shows:

Team Adam: Brian Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Joshua Davis, Nathan Hermida, Tonya Boyd-Cannon
Team Blake: Brooke Adee, Corey Kent White, Hannah Kirby, Meghan Linsey, Sarah Potenza
Team Christina: India Carney, Kimberly Nichole, Lexi Davila, Rob Taylor, Sonic
Team Blake: Caitlin Caporale, Koryn Hawthorne, Lowell Oakley, Mia Z, Sawyer Fredericks

The Voice kicks off their live shows on Monday at 8 pm on NBC.

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