Blake Shelton used his only STEAL to take Hannah Kirby back from Team Pharrell in the Knockout Round of The Voice.


Cody Wickline vs. Corey Kent White

For his first pairing, Blake Shelton decided to set up a death match between his two country boys, Cody Wickline and Corey Kent White.

Corey chose to sing “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. In rehearsals, he told Nate Ruess and Blake that he wanted to sing the song for his grandfather, who is fighting for his life. Both Nate and Blake were impressed by his emotional connection to the song, but warned him of a few pitch problems.

Cody, a four chair turn, chose “’Til My Last Day.” In rehearsals, Cody relied on a signature growl, which Blake worried he was using to mask vocal weaknesses.

The judges were pretty evenly split, but Adam couldn’t say enough about Corey’s emotional performance, calling him the winner, hands down. “Corey, I’ve never heard you sing like that,” Blake told Corey, also clearly impressed.

Winner: Corey Kent White


Deanna Johnson vs. Blaze Johnson

Adam Levine paired pop singers Deanna Johnson and Blaze Johnson, who both chose to perform slow pop hits.

Blaze decided to put his big voice to use on “You Found Me,” and in rehearsals, Nate and Adam were both impressed by his lower register, but Nate worried that Blaze had trouble really relaying the emotion of the song to the audience.

Deanna decided to go with a stripped down version of “Listen to Your Heart,” and both Adam and Nate gushed over her unique voice, but Nate immediately picked up on her nerves. Deanna’s voice is killer, but her lack of confidence and comfort on stage could cost her.

Both Deanna and Blaze suffered a few vocal stumbles, but Deanna’s nerves were very evident throughout her performance. Pharrell and Blake gave the battle to Blaze because of his stage presence, but Adam decided to give it to Deanna, saying that he knows she just needs to break through her nerves to deliver something truly amazing.

Winner: Deanna Johnson


Caitlin Corporale vs. Hannah Kirby

Pharrell Williams put powerhouse vocalists Caitlin Corporale and Hannah Kirby against each other in the Knockouts.

Caitlin came into rehearsals with Demi Lovato’s “Warrior,” a song that requires range, belting, and, more importantly, a lot of heart. In rehearsals, Caitlin’s vocals were spot on, but Nate reminded her that her voice isn’t everything – she needs to feel the song too.

Hannah, originally on Team Blake, was stolen by Pharrell in the Battle Round, and wanted to show off some versatility with “Higher Ground.” In rehearsals, Pharrell and Nate wanted Hanna to let go a bit and let the music move her around the stage.

The coaches all agreed the battle was pretty even, complimenting Caitlin’s vocal precision and Hannah’s wild stage presence. In the end, Pharrell gave the win to Caitlin, but made sure to tell Hannah that he believes in her as well.

In the middle of Pharrell’s encouraging speech to Hannah, Blake hit his STEAL button to take her back to Team Blake. “In rehearsal, I knew I’d screwed up,” Blake said of letting Hanna go.

Winner: Caitlin Corporale
Hannah Kirby: Team Blake

The Voice Knockout Round continues on Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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