Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams all completed their teams as the Blind Auditions came to a close and the Battles began on The Voice.

Blind Auditions Part 5

Going into the final round of Blind Auditions, there were only five spots left: two on Team Pharrell, and one each on Team Christina, Team Adam and Team Blake.

Nathan Hermida, 17, is a self proclaimed “nerdy Asian guy,” and he’s trying to figure out whether he wants to pursue science or singing in the future. Nathan auditioned playing guitar on “Sure Thing” and almost immediately got Adam to press his button. Christina later joined in on the fun, turning her chair around for Nathan. Christina complimented his “sexy voice” and “seductive” rhythm, but Adam promised to take him to the top (something he tells every contestant).

Nathan: Team Adam

Paul Pfau, 26, also auditioned with his guitar on “Fly Me To The Moon.” Paul is a strange blend of pop rock and smooth crooning, a mix that caught the attention of Blake and Pharrell. Blake looked like he really wanted Paul, and with Adam out of chair turns, it seemed like he might get him, but then Pharrell pressed his button. (Paul also adorably brought a demo CD he had made for Adam Levine when he had the chance to meet him 10 years ago, but was too scared to give it to him. Adam pouted.) Pharrell stood up to make his pitch to Paul, telling him that his versatility was “scary.”

Paul: Team Pharrell

Vance Smith, 22, auditioned with “Reach Out I’ll Be There” and it almost looked like he would be going home empty handed until he nailed a final note that got both Pharrell and Christina to press their buttons. Vance, a full-time mechanic, has his own makeshift studio in his Georgia home and loves his mother. Christina said she was attracted to Vance’s positive spirit, and made a point of telling Vance he would be the last person added to her team.

Vance: Team Christina

Catilin Caporale, 23, took a risk, auditioning with Christina’s “Impossible.” Christina was sad as soon as she heard the opening note, knowing that her team was full and she couldn’t press her button, but, she gave her fellow coaches her nod of approval, pressing her button fruitlessly. Pharrel and Blake, after seeing that Christina had given them the green light, both pressed their buttons and turned around for Catilin. Both Blake and Pharrell laid on the love, and Catilin ended up going Team Pharrell before Christina asked her to sing a duet with her on the spot!

Catilin: Team Pharrell

Hannah Kirby, 20, auditioned with “The Letter.” This country girl/gamer girl sang with a rasp and power that had Adam, Christina and Pharrell frantically pressing their deactivated buttons trying to get Blake to pull the trigger – he was the last coach left with a slot on his team. Blake eventually listened, and turned around at the very end.

Hannah: Team Blake

With the teams complete, it’s time for the Battle Rounds to begin!

Battle Rounds Part 1

Team Pharrell: Ashley Morgan vs. Mia Z

First up in the battles are Team Pharrell’s Ashley Morgan and Mia Z. Pharrell enlisted the help of Lionel Richie to coach his team through the battles, and the two musicians helped Mia and Ashley find common ground – Ashley had too much training holding her back, and Mia lacked the vocal technique needed to nail it. The two battled with “Put the Gun Down,” and both women came out to win. Ashley’s vocal performance hit all the right notes – and Christina complimented her expert use of her “instrument,” but Mia’s stage presence got Pharrell and won her the battle. Pharrell may have been ready to see Ashley go, but all three of the other coaches disagreed, pressing their buttons to Steal.

Winner: Mia Z
Ashley: Team Christina

Team Adam: Tonya Boyd-Cannon vs. James McNeice

Tonya Boyd-Cannon went up against James McNeice with “P.Y.T.” James and Tonya rehearsed with Adam’s celebrity mentor, Ellie Goulding, who gave James a tip: smile through the big notes. James gave everything he had, pulling out all the stops, but Tonya’s big voice and bigger stage presence could not be ignored.

Winner: Tonya Boyd-Cannon

Team Blake: Brian Johnson vs. Joshua Davis

Blake paired Brian Johnson and Joshua Davis for his first battle to “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” In reheasals, Blake and his advisor, Meghan Trainor work with Brian and Joshua on the harmonies and emphasize the importance of connecting emotionally to the song. Joshua’s rasp and Brian’s power were both on display, but Blake was more drawn to Brian, declaring him the winner. Adam immediately pressed his Steal button for Josh, and rushed the stage to claim him before any other coaches could chime in!

Winner: Brian Johnson
Joshua: Team Adam

The Battle Rounds continue on The Voice Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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