India Carney proved she’s here to win The Voice for coach Christina Aguilera and when the Battle Rounds continued Monday night.


Brenna Yaeger vs. Kelsie May

Blake paired country girls Brenna Yaeger and Kelsie May for his battle, giving them Reba’s “Fancy” to perform. The classic country song was a challenge for both girls: Brenna struggled to keep up with the fast pace of the track, as did Kelsie. Blake’s advisor, Meghan Trainor connected to the young singers, commending them for having the courage to sing in front of the celebrity coaches. Both Meghan and Blake encouraged Kelsie and Brenna to put on a bit more attitude for their performance. In the end, it’s a battle of confidence, not vocal ability, and Kelsie takes the cake as the most self-assured on stage.

Winner: Kelsie


Briar Jonnee vs. Caitlin Caporale

Pharrell Williams paired Briar Jonnee and Caitlin Caporale, two divas in training, with Alicia Key’s “Fallin’.” In rehearsals, Briar’s nerves showed and Caitlin struggled to bring power to her high notes. Celebrity guest coach, Lionel Richie and Pharrell confirmed that the winner would have to deliver the emotion and the voice under the pressure of the battle. Briar and Caitlin upped their game for the performance, and all the coaches were equally floored. Pharrell was impressed by Briar’s newfound confidence on stage, and her ability to take risks mid-performance, but he saw more potential in Caitlin’s strong and clear vocals, and declared her the winner of the battle.

Winner: Caitlin

Kimberly Nicole vs. Lowell Oakley

Pharrell matched pop-rocker Kimberly Nicole with crooner Lowell Oakley on “Hound Dog,” and in rehearsals, it looks like Kimberly is the one to beat. Her power was well suited for the song, and she barely got any critiques from Pharrell and Lionel Richie in rehearsals. Lowell, however, needed a few more notes, mostly that he needed to find an edge to his voice. Lowell was a little hesitant in rehearsals, nervous about “following” Kimberly, but Pharrell and Lionel both cautioned him against trying to copy Kimberly’s sound. Instead, they told him to try to incorporate some grit into his performance. In the end, Kimberly and Lowell were able to pull off an unexpectedly theatrical performance. Christina was taken by Kimberly from the very first note, and Blake couldn’t help but smile over Lowell’s fancy footwork. Both Blake and Adam berated Pharrell for the pairing, lamenting the idea of saying goodbye to either singer. Pharrell dragged his feet, but eventually declared Lowell the winner.

Pharrell said he hoped to get both artists back on his team somehow, but first someone had to press their button to save Kimberly from elimination. Christina immediately pressed her button to STEAL Kimberly, but I don’t know if Christina will be quick to give Pharrell the opportunity to steal her back.

Winner: Lowell
Kimberly: Team Christina


Barry Minniefield vs. Jack Gregori

Adam Levine tasked Barry Minniefield and Jack Gregori with “Feelin’ Alright,” making for an interesting, bluesy battle. Jack was unsure of himself in rehearsals and was a little intimidated by Barry’s soulful tone. Both Jack and Barry struggled a bit to relax into the song, but were able to come together for the battle. What it came down to, as Christina said, was personal preference: does he want a more soulful voice (Barry) or a clearer tone (Jack). In the end, Adam went with the soul factor.

Winner: Barry


Katelyn Read vs. Treeva Gibson

Christina challenged young singers Katelyn Read and Treeva Gibson with Forence and the Machine’s “Addicted to Love.” Christina and her advisor Nick Jonas advised the singers to not be afraid to hit the higher notes, and Christina really wanted a haunting performance, with didn’t really hit home for the sweet singers. In rehearsals, she asked them to scream, and, while it took them a few tries, Katelyn and Treeva finally let go a bit and embraced their crazy. Pharrell complimented Katelyn’s unique vocals, but also noted that Treeva was really able to break out of her shell. Blake gave his vote to Katelyn, citing her control and already developed style. Christina was incredibly conflicted, but ended up declaring Treeva the winner, saying she liked being surprised by the singer.

Winner: Treeva

Clinton Washington vs. India Carney

Christina paired super singers India Carney and Clinton Washington with “Stay.” Clinton felt the pressure to match India’s power, which resulted him in cutting off his words a bit, something Nick Jonas cautioned him against. India, on the other hand, had to work to give her performance nuances to ensure she doesn’t go too hard too fast. Clinton’s nerves threatened to get the best of him, but both managed to overcome any anxiety on stage. The coaches were blown away by the emotional battle, giving the singers a standing ovation. Pharrell correctly noted that India and Clinton gave the best technical performance – the control they both had was impressive. Adam was especially impressed with Clinton, an artist none of the boys turned around for. He admitted to thinking Clinton was a goner when he was paired up with India, but told him that he stepped it up and became India’s equal on stage.

The battle was close, but in the end Christina went with India’s classically trained and insane vocals, declaring her the winner. Both Adam and Pharrell pressed their buttons to STEAL Clinton, and the singer ended up choosing Adam as his next mentor.

Winner: India
Clinton: Team Adam

The Battle Rounds continue on The Voice Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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