Vivienne Westwood celebrated her 80th birthday by collaborating with the company Circa to deliver a video message to the world at Piccadilly Lights in London’s famed Piccadilly Circus on Thursday. The 10 minute film, Do Not Buy a Bomb, was also available online.

The designer embraced her passion for activism by sharing a string of social and environmental warnings along with a rewritten version of “Without You” from the musical My Fair Lady.

Westwood denounced society’s indifference toward certain issues, such as the arms trade and its connection to climate change.

“I have a plan 2 save the World. Capitalism is a war economy + war is the biggest polluter, therefore Stop War + change economy 2 fair distribution of wealth at the same time,” she said in the film. “Stop arms production + that would halt climate change cc + financial Crash. Long term this will stop war…by talking U will support me in the fight. One day soon U will say the right thing 2 the right person at the right time, make a difference. I have always combined fashion with activism: the one helps the other. Maybe fashion can Stop War.”

In the film, Westwood performs “Without You” while pressed against the window of her newly refurbished Mayfair store, while Kronthaler and the model Malik Sharpe stroll around Mayfair singing “On the Street Where You Live.”

Ultimately, she tells people not to buy a car or a bomb and to get a life, tying in the title of the film. Westwood is also selling a limited edition print of the same title on the Circa website.

“Provoking others to think afresh and to reflect or consider their own actions, we are honored to provide a platform to this British icon on the Piccadilly Lights screen and celebrate her 80th birthday in style,” said Josef O’Connor, founder and artistic director of Circa.

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