A viral TikTok video posted last Saturday caught the attention of many in the media. The video, shot and uploaded to TikTok by high school senior Jacob Geittmann, shows his boyfriend Dalton Stevens being harassed by an older man because he is wearing a prom dress.

The older man, identified as Sam Johnson, 46, CEO of VisuWell, can be seen following around and harassing the teen, saying things like, “you look like an idiot” and “do you really look pretty” after the teen repeatedly told him to “f— off” and to “please leave me alone.”


had to re-upload the video, but story time on @jacobgeittmann2 page 🙂

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After VisuWell learned about the situation, the company released a statement and fired Johnson from his position as CEO. “We can confirm that Mr. Johnson is no longer employed by VisuWell in any capacity,” the company said in a statement.

The incident took place in Franklin, Tennessee, a strongly conservative part of the state. Johnson, a staunch Trump supporter, tweeted after the former president’s Twitter ban, “I don’t care what your opinion is, America, you just screwed up!”

He has also tweeted about pro-Trump recount efforts in Georgia. “Breaking news: GA state legislature has just passed a motion to require Fulton County to release all mail-in ballots cast for the Nov 3rd election for 3rd party inspection @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden,” he tweeted on December 30, 2020. The Twitter account is now deleted, however, a cached version of some of his tweets are still available online.

Johnson said that the incident was edited to make him “look bad” and that the confrontation was about the teen’s “loud cursing” and not “the boy wearing a dress.” Johnson stated that he had asked the boys to “tone down the vulgarities around the families and children who were present” and only got in their face after they refused to listen.

Stevens did not let the event ruin his prom night. “I still walked into that school knowing I was wearing a dress with six-inch heels and was serving all the looks,” he said. “And anybody who wants to look can look. A guy can look just as hot in a dress as a girl can.”

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