The return of Entourage for its eighth and final season kicked off with the release of Vince (Adrian Grenier, pictured) from rehab after a 90-day stint. Previously, in season seven, Vince's life had been spiraling out of control: he was dating a porn star, upping his cocaine intake and getting beaten up by Eminem. Now, he's a recovering an addict, and his brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) and friend Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) are sweeping the house clean of controlled substances — even Advil.

Meanwhile, at Murphy-Lavin, agents Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Scott (Scott Caan) are courting Johnny Galecki, star of The Big Bang Theory. Needless to say, Eric and Scott don't exactly see eye-to-eye about Galecki's movie star potential. Eric, by the way, is the last to know that Vince is getting out of rehab, and he's not happy about it.

Fresh off the rehab boat and ready to get back on track, Vince pitches a new screenplay idea — something about trapped miners and a dog — and while it's clear to everyone except Vince that it's crap, his buddies only want to be encouraging. To further hammer home the welcome feeling, the guys decide to throw Vince a sober party.

On the Ari (Jeremy Piven) front, things could be better. At the end of the last season Mrs. Ari said she wanted to take time away from their marriage, and this episode a reunion seems even more remote since she reveals that she has been seeing someone else. Ari, obviously, is crestfallen.

The season premiere wraps up with Vince requesting normalcy and blunt honesty over the "walking on egg shells" approach, at which point he finds out what the guys really think of his miner movie (it blows). And it looks as if, in a reversal of fortune, Drama's new show "Johnny Bananas," which co-stars Andrew Dice Clay, could be the hit that makes Drama a star. Or… maybe not.

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