Vin Diesel displayed his chiseled abs in a recent magazine shoot with a leopard at his side.

Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious movies, posted the photo of himself and the leopard on his Facebook page. The bare-chested actor wears only a pair of low hanging denim jeans, with the white band of his Calvin Klein briefs peeking out at the top and the jeans cuffed at the bottom above his black boots. The leopard sits calmly in front of him, kept still by a thick leash held in Diesel’s right hand.

Under the picture, Diesel wrote on Wednesday, “The shoot for this summer's PRESTIGE magazine cover was one of the craziest photo shoots I have ever done. After the big cat escaped… the four handlers secured the full grown Leopard, and then, gave me the leash. He added: 'P.S. It must be an Animal thing.”

Diesel has two films coming out later this year – both new installments in his action packed franchises. One is the sixth installment of Fast & Furious with Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriquez. He’ll also be reprising his role as the title character in Riddick.

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