Taylor Swift is not faking her surprised face.

The blond songstress appeared on the Tonight Show, when host Jay Leno played her a montage of her shocked expressions following every time she's won an award. "It's just so exciting! I never thought I was gonna be at awards shows, and nominated! It's just … 'What?!' [laughs] It's always fun!"

Swift promises she doesn't go into an awards show thinking she'll win. "My parents raised me to believe that being presumptuous is the most irritating quality in a person. If you go on an award show and you're like, 'I'm gonna win tonight,' well, if you win, you're not gonna be excited because you knew it," she said. "And if you don't win, you're gonna be disappointed. So I'd just rather go to an awards show and not assume you have any shot at winning … and then if you do, just get up there and say whatever happens to come to your mind."

And the singer, 20, is just as excited about the awards as she used to be as a child—especially the Country Music Awards. "It's like the Super Bowl for me when my favorite artist would win," she recalled. "Like when Shania Twain would win a CMA award, I would like freak out and start screaming, to the point where I would lose my voice. I'd be running around the house, singing their songs all night, like a celebratory parade — in celebration of their winning awards." –AMY LEE

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