Stephen Colbert is blaming the bedbugs. The talk show host appeared on Monday's episode of The View to puzzle out the infamous Bill O'Reilly incident from the past week.

"I hear they're in the couch on The View," he said of the pestilent creatures. "That's why Whoopi and Joy jumped up the other day. To get away from the bedbugs." Whoopi Goldberg began to answer before she thought better of it. "It think it was … never mind," she trailed off. But Colbert continued. "You weren't being rude to Bill, you were just trying to get away!" he said. Goldberg responded in the negative. "I wasn't being rude to anybody," she said.

The comedian then brought the subject around to the matter of the mosque. "Because I'm on your show, I agree with Whoopi," he said. "I think there should be mosques everywhere. This studio should be a mosque." Goldberg shot back a zinger. "If he had even made that much sense I would probably have been able to handle it," she said.

After the conversation devolved somewhat more, Colbert rushed off the stage. "I am leaving right now! Forget it!" he shouted, and stormed off before immediately returning ashamedly. "I want to apologize," he said. "It was rude of me." –AMY LEE

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