With a little over a month before the latest James Bond installment, Skyfall, is set to hit theaters, Daniel Craig took a break from saving the world to host Saturday Night Live. The episode focused mainly on political satire, but it also took advantage of its host's Bond persona in its selection of skits.

The cold open played off of President Barack Obama’s widely-criticized debate performance against Mitt Romney last Wednesday. In the mock debate, Obama (Jay Pharaoh) spent the whole session distracted about his wedding anniversary while Romney (Jason Sudeikis) spewed information, both fact and fib. The cast continued its jabs with a skit about an MSNBC special report, “Three Days Later: A Look Back at the Obama Debate Disaster,” during which Rachel Maddow (Cecily Strong) and Al Sharpton (Keenan Thompson) reacted to the event. Strong as Maddow joked, “Tonight we try and pick up the pieces and make sense of Barack Obama’s performance at Wednesday’s debate or, as we’re calling it an MSNBC, the worst thing that ever happened anywhere.” And later, Weekend Update featured a skit in which Sesame Street's Big Bird explained how famous he'd become since Romney mentioned him in the debates.

Poking fun at their James Bond host, SNL also included a sketch of "Lesser Known Bond Girls" such as Diane Keaton (Vanessa Bayer), Jodie Foster (Kate McKinnon), Lea Michele (Nassim Pedrad), Molly Ringwald (Bayer), Ellen Degeneres (McKinnon) and Penny Marshall (Fred Armisen).

Muse served as musical guest, performing their songs “Madness” and “Panic Station.” And, while their performance as well as Craig's hosting were well-received, the real star of the show seemed to be Kate McKinnon. Although McKinnon only joined the cast at the beginning of the season, she has been making waves. “It’s safe to say that McKinnon may have already won the race to be the next Kristen Wiig,” wrote Entertainment Weekly following the episode.

Next Saturday, October 13, will see Christina Applegate (Up All Night) host with Passion Pit as musical guest. Check out some of the highlights from the episode below.

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