Sarah Palin's co-hosting stint on NBC's The Today Show seemed like a lot of fun for the former Alaska governor, but critics and viewers were not impressed with the mixed signals she was sending. Is she against the "lamestream" media, as she calls them — or is she just one of them?

Among Palin's most eloquent (and entertaining) critics was Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who, despite admitting Palin's hour-long performance was "quite good and likable," called her out on her troubling lack of sincerity about the very issues she pretends to champion. Playing a reel of Today host Matt Lauer's televised phone call with Palin on an earlier episode of the show, Stewart pointed out that the former vice presidential candidate alternates between being militantly opposed to liberal media bias (when she is criticized) and weirdly in cohoots with them (when she is invited to appear).

During the phone call, Lauer asked Palin what she meant by a tweet that read, "Going rogue to infiltrate some turf." Palin's response, coupled with laughter: "What do you think it means?"

Stewart, in his commentary, answered Palin's rhetorical question. "I think it means you're cynically exploiting a manufactured notion of yourself as a crusader against a monolithic exclusionary activist media whilst actually enjoying a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with them only to the detriment of the rest of the country. Seriously."

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