We won't get a glimpse of the private tanning beds that graced the gubernatorial mansion, but Sarah Palin is ready to show the world the natural splendors of her home state in a new show on TLC.

Sarah Palin's Alaska will take viewers around Palin's beloved state in an 8-part documentary series. "This is flippin' fun!" she exclaims, as we see grizzly bears and rushing rivers. "I'd rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office. I'd rather be out here being free," she continues.

"Step into Sarah's backyard!" proclaims the preview. Though it doesn't promise a view of Russia, the show seems to be chock full of Palin's family members, wolfhounds and other such delights of the wilderness. The show will premiere November 14 on TLC at 8 PM Eastern.

Watch the preview below:

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