Who better to reach out to Charlie Sheen than Robert Downey, Jr.? That's the question Dave Letterman had for the Iron Man actor Monday night on Late Night With David Letterman.

"You guys are contemporaries, aren't you? I have a feeling you guys all kind of grew up together, in the same part of L.A. Am I right about that?" Letterman asked Downey. "We were in high school together, we didn't really hang out. I mean it sounds like we could really have partied," the actor answered.

The talk show host went further, invoking Downey's own troubled past with addiction to see if he had an interest in reaching out. "Can you talk to Charlie Sheen? Would you talk to him?" he asked. Downey answered nonchalantly. "He's a grown man. What am I going to say? The only advice I would give him, is you know, don't get arrested," he said.

Letterman seemed to disagree. "You can call up anybody you want and tell them you got two ways to go: you can continue to do it your way or look what I did," he said. But Downey wasn't buying it. "Here's the problem. I start believing my own hype and then I start thinking people need to listen to what I say and next thing I know my wife is miserable and the director goes, 'He's crazy. What's wrong with this guy?' The best thing I can do is keep the plug in my jug myself and stay out of trouble," he said.

He had a parting shot for Sheen. "I mean it would have been fun to be partying with him at the Plaza, probably," he said. "But also, not fun. Not fun." Downey is starring in the comedy Due Date with Zach Galifianakis, which opens Friday. –AMY LEE

Watch video of the full interview below:

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