“Say hello to that round mound of pound, and his power slam,” Vin Diesel says about Street Sharks character Boomer in 1994. “Very Deadly.”

Four years before Saving Private Ryan, there is video evidence of Diesel working as a toy seller at a toy fair. The video, although posted in September 2015, has just resurfaced on social media. Diesel is depicted selling Street Sharks toys with admirable enthusiasm. Street Sharks was a 1994 American-Canadian animated TV show which Diesel proves would totally kick some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle butt.

“He sends the competition to a watery grave,” Diesel declares as he demonstrates one of the plastic sharks taking down a trollish Raphael (TMNT) with a roundhouse punch. “BOOM! Death.”

If you want to skip to where things get really heated, jump to 0:52 where the Fast and Furious star has “got something with such fin-tastic detail it’s gonna blow you away.” Diesel’s oratory sound effects really make the ferocious hand-shark a must-buy.





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