A video of a male New York Jets fan punching a female New England Patriots fan in the face at Sunday’s football game has led to four arrests.

The video, taken on Sunday at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey, shows a man, identified as Kurt Paschke, 38, being followed by a woman, Jaclyn Nugent. The two appear to be having some sort of argument and Paschke clearly punches her in the face.

The video quickly went viral and caused a huge uproar on the Internet. Was this a case of a violent man punching an innocent woman or was there something more? On Monday, a report surfaced that exposed Paschke’s criminal past. In 1992, Paschke, who was 17 at the time, was convicted of negligent homicide. He stabbed Henri Ferrer (also 17) to death behind a pizza parlor in Sayville, L.I. Paschke served three years in a state prison.


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After reviewing the incident, New Jersey Police have arrested four people involved, including Paschke and Nugent.

“The investigation revealed that Amanda MacDowell and Jaclyn Nugent were observed kicking and punching Paschke in the body and head. Shortly thereafter, Paschke was observed striking Nugent with a punch to the face. David James Sacco then was observed striking Paschke in the face,” the New Jersey State Police said in a statement.

MacDowell, Nugent and Sacco, all from Massachusetts, and Paschke have been charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct, according to CNN.

Paschke maintains his position that he was acting as self defense, while Nugent, Sacco and MacDowell have not released a statement.

“Even a quick review of the video and just talking to a couple witnesses, you can see Kurt was defending himself and [he] shouldn’t have been charged at all and certainly won’t be convicted,” Bruce Barket, Paschke’s lawyer said.

Paschke, a huge Jets fan and season ticket holder, brought his mother to the game on Sunday and while he has yet to comment publicly, his mother, Colleen Paschke has spoken on record about the incident, claiming that her son was acting in self-defense.

“He was just hitting back to defend himself. It wasn’t done deliberately. If you see the video, they just went wild,” Colleen Paschke said.

In another interview, Colleen Paschke says that the woman, Nugent, was “the aggressor” and claims her son was set up in the homicide that sent him to prison by a white supremacist group. “She [Nugent] punched my son three times to the head, cut his eyebrow… You should never hit a girl. I understand that. But you know what? When the girls are out of control, how do you defend yourself,” Colleen Paschke said.

The New York Jets have released an official statement regarding the incident, stating that all parties involved have been banned from the MetLife stadium.

“We have zero tolerance for this behavior. Consistent with our Fan Code of Conduct, those involved have been banned from attending any events at the stadium. Once the legal process has run its course, each of them must take the necessary steps before even being considered for readmission to future events,” reads the statement.

To regain entry to the MetLife stadium to witness Jets home games, all involved must complete an online conduct course, send a written apology and make a formal request before attending an event.

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