Take a little bit of Spiderman, a little bit of Iron Man and a little bit of … The Proposal? Ryan Reynold's superhero movie Green Lantern has released its first theatrical trailer, and it looks like there's a new (green) man in town.

Reynolds takes the helm of this new DC comic book movie franchise as Hal Jordan, an arrogant test pilot who becomes the first human recruit of the Green Lanterns, a brotherhood that keeps the universe in order. Blake Lively (pictured) plays Carol Ferris, a fellow pilot and Jordan's childhood sweetheart, while Peter Sarsgaard makes an appearance as villain Dr. Hammond.

The trailer seems to suggest that Reynolds' Hal Jordan will have the same cocky nonchalance as Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man mixed with Tobey Maguire's credulous sense of wonder from the earlier Spiderman movies. Like both of those franchises, the intergalactic stakes promise some high-tech action sequences and major explosions. Green Lantern will be released in the summer of 2011. –AMY LEE

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