Miley Cyrus wants her fans to know that the rumors are not true. Taking to YouTube in a 10-minute video called "EVERYTHING," the pop star updated fans on her life and cleared up a few rumors. 

"No, I am not engaged. No, I am not getting married anytime soon. No, I am not living with anybody," she said, addressing some of the more persistent tabloid stories circulating at the moment. "And no, I don’t want a boob job," she added, after thinking about what else to refute. 

Cyrus, 17, explained the reasons for her video. "I want my fans to still feel connected with me," she said, emphasizing that they could hear "a million different things from a million different sources." She denied reports that she had moved in with or was engaged to boyfriend Liam Hensworth, pointing out that she was shooting the video in her mother’s shoe closet. 

She also introduced fans to her new dog, Feather, and thanked them for her MTV VMA nomination, before leaving to take a math quiz. –AMY LEE

Watch the entire video below:

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