Michelle Obama rolled her eyes in exasperation at Speaker of the House John Boehner during Inauguration Day festivities.

During the congressional lunch following President Obama's inauguration, the First Lady was captured on camera throwing some shade. The President and Boehner sat on her right and left sides, respectively, as she happily ate her lunch of bison and steamed lobster. During a rare moment of amiability between the President and House Speaker, Boehner appears to tap the First Lady in an attempt to get her to appreciate his snark. Her response? The eye-roll watched 'round the world.

Since there's no audio of the exchange, no one can say for sure what the President and Boehner found so amusing that the First Lady so clearly did not. Although, that hasn't stopped lip readers from weighing in. "Somebody won't let you do it," said Boehner in the video, according to lip reader Larry Wenig. Who won't let who do what? The most popular interpretation is that Boehner is suggesting that the First Lady won't let the President grab a smoke – a habit he reportedly kicked with a bit of a struggle three years ago.

While the interpretation does seem plausible, it's already been denied. When asked about the rumored banter a White House spokesperson curtly responded, "This is not true."

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