It looks like the vacation is over for Lindsay Lohan.

After spending the last week in Cannes going promoting her new film, Inferno, Lohan will be appearing in court Monday afternoon to address whether or not she has broken the terms of her three year probation. The starlet was arrested in 2007 for two DUIs and may face up to 180 days in prison if the probation was in fact broken.

Due to an allegedly stolen passport, Lohan was unable to attend a mandatory hearing in Los Angeles last week, and posted $100,000 bail to avoid arrest.

In an exclusive interview with Hollywood.TV, Lohan appeared dejected and frustrated as the the reporter probed her with common tabloid accusations. When asked if her passport was actually missing, Lohan responded exasperatedly. "My passport didn’t just go missing, my passport was stolen out of my room," Lohan said.

She explained that other personal items had been taken from her hotel room as well. The reporter later asked if she was scared that she may go to prison, Lohan appeared confused, saying that she saw no reason for her to go to prison or rehab. "I’ve been more than in compliance with everything that occurs when you’re in the court system, I’ve been up to par, and I would be done in two weeks and four days," Lohan said. "The only person that’s suggested these things is my father who clearly isn’t sane."

A court appearance wasn’t the only event Lohan missed, due to the missing passport, Lohan was also unable to attend her younger brother’s graduation from Ithaca College. When asked how she felt about it, Lohan broke into tears and told the reporter she felt "upset." "It sucks. It’s horrible," she said. "I’m proud of him and wish I could have been there." –ELENA COX

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