In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Marie Presley spoke candidly about her two-year marriage to Michael Jackson, as well as her reaction to his shocking death last summer.

"He was conditioned to get himself where he needed to go for his career and with his talent. He became very good at making and creating and puppeteering and manipulating to some degree," Presley said. "I always confused that manipulation thinking that that manipulation meant that he didn't love me. I understand it better now. The manipulation was because it was a survival tactic for him."

Presley said that she was in England when she heard of Jackson's death. John Travolta was one of the first people to tell her. When Oprah asked her how she felt, Presley answered, "real honest to goodness shock, not even tears. I was floored, honestly floored."

Jackson and Presley were married from 1994-96. –ISHITA SINGH

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