Lindsay Lohan broke down in tears as she was sentenced Tuesday to 90 days in jail by an L.A. judge for failing to attend alcohol education classes imposed for a 2007 drunk driving arrest. After completing her sentence, she must complete an alcohol abuse program.

Superior Court judge Marsha Ravel had previously issued two arrest warrants in May and June for Lohan, who has made headlines in the past year with her hard-partying ways and run-ins with the law, but later revoked them when she made bail. The first came when Lohan missed a probation review hearing after claiming to have lost her passport at the Cannes film festival, and the second after the actress’s alcohol monitoring anklet went off after the MTV Movie Awards.

Watch the ruling here:


  • ElenaCox
    ElenaCox on

    so so sad. she really is a lost little girl.

  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    I'm baffled that she's only 24 and this is happening to her career. Don't really care how 'cruel' she thinks this is, maybe it'll knock some sense into her.

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