Following the aftermath of her widely covered, tumultuous appearances at court, Lindsay Lohan finally submitted to her 90-day sentence in a Los Angeles jail Tuesday morning. Lohan arrived at the courthouse seven minutes late and was accompanied by her mother Dina, last minute reunited attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, and – despite twittered laments against it – her father Michael. The actress, who on-lookers acknowledged appeared cooperative, wore a trendy ensemble of jeans, gray t-shirt, black leather jacket, and heels for her big day. As she walked from her car to the door, Lindsay was showered with a handful of gold glitter thrown by someone in the crowd.

The 24 year old is scheduled to spend an additional 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program once her jail term is completed. Opting to serve both jail and rehab time adjacently, Lohan has said, “I would like the transition to be sooner rather than later,” and will be entering the facility 24 hours upon release from prison.

Although she is sentenced to three months in a cell, critics speculate that Lohan will get the celebrity pass to flee bars in lieu of private house arrest. Lohan is set to be detained in a private cell, apart from the general inmate population but will apparently “be treated just as any other,” according to authorities.

LiLo, now outfitted in all orange, will be staying in the Central Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California. Before she disappeared into the penitentiary abyss, her father – for whom she has repeatedly voiced disappointment – called out to her: “I love you, Lindsay.” Mr. Lohan will be on Tuesday night’s Larry King Live to discuss his daughter’s recent events. –Alex Santos Murry

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