Never one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at an A-list celebrity, Kathy Griffin has channeled Jim Carrey's bizarrely creepy love letter to Emma Stone by propositioning teen music heartthrob Justin Bieber, 17, in a new video.

Shot in an extended close-up, the video begins with Griffin, 50, looking directly at the camera and explaining the origin of her idea. “I was so inspired by comic giant Jim Carrey that I’ve decided to pledge my love, so this is a message for Justin Bieber,” Griffin says, occasionally looking away as if to read from notes. “Justin Bieber, I want you to know you’re all the way beautiful, even with those – like lesbian bangs, and that is not any diss to the LGBT community."

Griffin continues, going point by point through Carrey's video but putting her own spin on things. “If I could, I would marry you,” she tells Bieber. “Oh, that’s actually not true. It’s messy, Justin. There’s a distribution of assets. We would just go steady.”

Watch the video here:


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