Today marks a day that many Justin Bieber fans have been looking forward to for quite some time — the day that the young heartthrob passes the threshold into manhood, heralding the beginning of a whole new Bieber era. Yes, this is the megastar's 18th birthday.

In Bieber's native Canada, he can now legally vote for the next prime minister, join the Canadian army, gamble, and even have a legal alcoholic beverage if he travels across the border from Ontario into Quebec.

In true nice-guy fashion, the (still) teenage heartthrob answered his fans' tweeted birthday questions, as reported by MTV. "How are you gonna celebrate your bday?" asked @SJbieberly, clearly one of the Bieb's more devoted fans, based on her handle. "My birthday, I'm going to hang out with my friends and family, have a little get-together; nothing to crazy," he replied.

One fan apparently interpreted Bieber's birthday as some kind of apocalyptic event. "If it was your last day on earth what would you do?" tweeted @SarahThLu. The singer was good-natured about answering the ominous question, however. "I would just watch movies and hang out with my family and cuddle with them, because I love cuddling." Aww. Watch tween girls everywhere swoon.

More likely, the Biebs will spend today — his birthday — cruising around his new 18th birthday gift, a sleek black Fisker Karma, a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan, of which there are only a few ever made. People like Al Gore and Colin Powell had to get on waiting lists for one, reports People. The rare automobile was presented to him on Ellen by his manager, Scooter Braun, who purchased the gift with Usher and was authorized by Bieber's parents. "You work very hard, and you never get anything for yourself," Braun said, "so Usher and I wanted to do this for you."

Bieber was amazed. "Is that for me?" he asked DeGeneres when Braun unveiled the Fisker Karma. He rushed to the car and opened the driver's door. "Is it all electric?" he made sure before hopping and exclaiming, "This is amazing!"

In his true charitable style, Bieber tweeted his hopes to raise money for Charity: Water on his birthday, an organization he has been standing behind for years. "[I] want to use my bday to help others. if u want please donate $18 to @charitywater on my 18th bday!…so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you.

Watch the surprise here:

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    Mijon Zulu on

    When will this kid die out!

  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    Well, using one's celebrity status to raise awareness for charities is certainly worth a pat on the back and a $100,000 car.

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