Jennifer Aniston, who seems to be linked to a different leading man every week, has just revealed a surprising celebrity date: Jon Stewart. During an appearance on Stewart’s Daily Show Thursday night, The Split star reminisced over the foggy details of an Italian dinner with the talk-show host in the 90s.  “It was lovely," Stewart recounted. "You brought so many of your friends. And I remember thinking: she’s so excited to go on a date with me, she wants me to get to know her posse!” Aniston responded jokingly, “That’s really sad.”

But she had a different understanding of the evening. The actress excused her company by saying, “Wasn’t it sort of, like, ‘Hey, a group of us are going out, would you like to join?’ It’s unclear, but that just shows my commitment to friends [laughs].” Incidentally, the date took place sometime around the beginning seasons of Aniston’s most famous role on NBC’s iconic sitcom, Friends.

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