The Rum Diary, a film Johnny Depp has been determined to make ever since he found an unpublished manuscript among the belongings of his late friend, Hunter S. Thompson, in 1998, will hit theaters next month. Now, a new clip featuring Depp's character as he first meets a skinny-dipping Amber Heard, gives a sneak peek.

About a freelance journalist stationed in Puerto Rico in the '50s, The Rum Diary is directed and co-written by Bruce Robinson and also stars Giovanni Ribisi, Richard Jenkins and Aaron Eckhart.

Watch the clip here:

Watch the trailer here:


  • A Grinshpan
    A Grinshpan on

    This looks great – I love Depp in serious roles

  • Matthew Zingg
    Matthew Zingg on

    Yeah, I'm excited to see this. Anything besides a Jack Sparrow reprisal will do.

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