MTV’s highly popular reality show The Hills aired its final episode Tuesday night revealing that some, if not all, of the scenes were not actually real. In the last scene, Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner have a tearful goodbye when she tells him that she is moving to Europe. As she drives away and Brody waves her off, the cameras pan out to show the entire production, including crew and a Hollywood backlot set.

"The thing is, as you saw on the end – what’s real and what’s fake, you don’t know," Jenner said on MTV’s aftershow. "Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake… That’s one of the questions: what was real and what was fake, and we left it [open]."

Though the ending may have left some fans confused, this isn’t the first time The Hills has been called out for bending reality. While promoting her novel LA Candy over a year ago, Lauren Conrad told the ladies of The View that parts of the show were scripted – including Spencer Pratt’s telephone apology in season 4. When asked if she believed the apology to be sincere, Lauren hesitantly answered, "To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t on the other end of that call." She admitted to not even seeing the apology until the episode aired.

Over the past six seasons, The Hills became a pop culture phenomenon and with some help from its predecessor Laguna Beach, helped shape the current format of television reality shows – for better and for worse. –ELENA COX

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